Our Staff

The LRLG Board of Management work with a competent and passionate group of employees. LRLG practices a flexible work environment, recognising that our staff are important members of the broader catchment community and that they need time to meet their family and voluntary commitments.

Tracey Potts Chief Executive Officer

Tracey Potts

Chief Executive Officer

Tracey has extensive experience in natural resource management with twenty years of working in conservation management, rural and social development and project management. Tracey’s passion lies in developing novel approaches to challenges we experience in the space where people and the environment meet. Tracey has been responsible for developing projects with clear land-user benefits and tangible biodiversity outcomes such as the Food Security and Agribusiness Project and the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Stewardship Program in South Africa. Tracey has also spent time working in Zimbabwe and New Zealand. Tracey enjoys the complexity of working in multi-stakeholder environments, is committed to effecting lasting impacts on biodiversity, the environment and the profitability of the farming businesses of our members.

Mel Kiel Project Officer

Mel Kiel

Project Officer

Mel Kiel is a local landholder within the Cumnock/Yeoval district. She is an active participant in trading cattle using KLR Marketing principals and is passionate about producing healthy pastures and livestock on her property - along with her husband and two girls - using Holistic Managements practices.

Mel has completed various courses including cattle pregnancy testing and artificial insemination (AI), Low Stress Stock Handling (LSS) and KLR Marketing. 

Mel previously worked as nurse at both Orange and Molong hospitals before coming to LRLG in 2013

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